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BE SAFE, BE SEEN! SAFETY REFLECTORS can help reduce the 69% in-the-dark injury rate among pedestrians and cyclists. Reflectors with educational messages have been prepared for the Safe Kids Worldwide Campaign, and are available to you here on this site.

It's easy to help make people more visible in the dark. Reflectors of all sizes and styles can be worn or affixed to clothes, footwear, take-alongs, cycles, skate boards, anything you wear or carry.

It's a known fact that even a small thumb sized reflector can make a person dressed in black more visible than a person dressed completely in white. NOW IS THE TIME TO WEAR REFLECTORS TO HELP MAKE YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY MORE VISIBLE IN THE DARK! NHTSA reports that 70% of pedestrian and cycling deaths and injuries occur in the dark! The use of reflectors can reduce that percentage by over 50%.

When you are planning your activities in support of safety education events, remember to use reflector giveaways to help your constituents be safer in the hours of dawn, dusk and darkness. Even a small reflector tag or sneaker sticker will make the wearer visible up to 500 feet away from headlights.

The Reflectory contributes 10% of all sales of Safe Kids reflectors to Safe Kids Worldwide, and has done so for over 11 years now. The 2014 contribution was $10,660.00, totaling over $55,590.00 during our relationship.

2016 pricing revisions brings all products up to date and are current as of January 1, 2016 Quantities and pricing have changed this year so please review carefully

Restocking Charge: Custom imprinted orders may not be returned. Stock design products may be returned with a 40% restocking charge.
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The Reflectory has been selected by Safe Kids Worldwide to create a line of colorful, high intensity reflectors and make them available to organizations interested in promoting visibility in the dark. Reflectors help make you more visible in the dark, so a motorist can take the necessary precautions to avoid hitting you. Wear a reflector every time you go outdoors at dawn, dusk or in the dark. Choose from the many reflectors shown here to help you and your family become more visible in the dark!